Artwork of Radha Sarma- Dancer & Choreographer

Welcome to Radha Thank you for your interests in my art work as dancer and choreographer.

Radha Sarma short info as PDF

you can contact me directly via e-mail or visit my German website at

Thank you

Radha Sarma


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The fourth Tango festival am Harz-Goslar 2017

We warmly invite you all to our Tango festival am Harz- Goslar!

“Media Luna” presents the fourth „Tango festival am harz“ from 16th -17th of June 2017.

We are delighted to to welcome our guest teacher Elsa Godinho From Southampton-UK und Sven Froese from Düsseldorf-Germany this year.

Sven & ElsaElsa & Sven will show us how the tango works and why and what makes this dance so special.  – 

It ist not the wild movement and the work of step combinations are importance.

The connection and intuition in-between the partner make this dance very special 

Little elements and improvisation flows with music and rhythm will gives us the unique experience.

There are Milongas on both days after 9 pm, and on Saturday we organized additionally from 3 – 6 pm Open Air Tango.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Radha and the Tango team “Media Luna”

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The International Tamil Drama Festival in Paris/France.(24.-25. September 2016)

It was an amazing experience.

Literature, Music and Drama – the three modes of Indian art and entertainment were conducted during this great Drama Festival in France.

It consists of good performing skills like story-telling, dialogue-rendering, singing and dancing.

there were  modern and traditional dramas with great artist


with our honorable gust “Drama Instructor, Film Actor and President of the South Indian Artistes’ Association – Dr. Nassar from Tamil Nadu

It was a great pleasure that we have bee a part of it and we were thankful  for this opportunity! 


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International Tamil drama-festival

Dance and Drama

My next performance  will be on 24th – 26th of September in Paris. 

For the first time in the history of Tamil drama, 11 Countries, 19 Plays, 150 artists and Popular drama and dance artist are participating in this festival

Among the indian fine arts the music, dance and drama are strongly and inseparably connected with each other. 

It is an expression of feeling and if the emotional condition exposed through physical action is dance or drama.

Both in dance or drama the feelings are expressed by the use of speech or singing, out of  proper costumes and dressing, by setting of stage.   The dancer or the actor will conveyed their existing condition through  gestures and facial expression and from different limbs of their Body will emanate soft and strong movements.

dance has a magical power to provide the source of happiness, entertainment and pleasure. it is a thing of beauty appreciated and loved by each and every one who sees it. The Bharahanatyasastra (the holy book of Indian dance) says „ there is no wisdom, no knowledge, no art, no craft, no device, no action, that is not to be found in Natya (the dance).

Bharatha Natyam has reached with its own individuality and dignity, the tradition and cultural heritage. Its greatest ability is to give spiritual revelation to each and every one and to lift one from the temporal to the eternal.



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Woman sports day in Helmstedt

On 27th of August I have been invited to give dance workshops in Helmstedt for  Women sport day.  The town centre of Helmstedt is located about 90 km east of the state capital Hannover and 190 km west of Berlin the capital and the largest city of Germany.  And also the Memorial to the former border between West and East Germany ist in Helmstedt. 

In these modern times there has been an increasing trend of women participation in sports. Any kind of sports and physical activities are good for body, mind and soul… Sports, dance and movements are important  to maintain or improve physical ability and skills.  

It was a great pleasure to meet many new people as organizers, participants and other teachers. There were not only  German, including many foreigners but which was lacking the Indian and Sri Lankan women.

The traditional way of living was a big hurdle for women taking part in sports, games, dance and martial arts.  They think their participation in sports will bring some damaging effects on family, children and relationships.  

There has been lack of encouragement from the parents and family members. 

The parents, community, tradition, religion, college and personal constraints of women were holding them back from participation in sports and games. They should learn to appreciate and encourage the women participating in sports without damaging their family and relationships and not neglecting children.

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You all made my day today…

It is Just great what is happening here… In Goslar am Harz…

The lessons with Anne and Juan…


open air Tango…

I would like to thank you all, those who made my day today…

…to all the Participant, supporters and friends…without your commitment the “Tango Sommerfest in Goslar am Harz” would not be possible!

Many thanks to Anne and Juan for their fantastic, precious and valuable tango lesson.

a big hug to our dearest  DJ Christoph Antonius… who has kept us moving on the dance floor till 1:00 clock.

“We are happy, fulfilled, blessed and thankful”


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Tango Sommerfest am Harz – 10/11. June 2016

Dear friends,

It is now time to start our  Tango-Festival on Friday
Tango Sommerfest am Harz – 10/11. June 2016
In cooperation with the VHS Goslar and the Church-St. Stephani

1. MILONGA !!!
We organize  on both days / evenings milonga from 21:00


At Goslar, Obere Kirchstrasse 4 (st Gemeindesaal. Stephani)

also in this year on Saturday we have planned a TANGO Flashmob with you all.


When: Saturday, 06.11.2016, 15:00h
Where: Goslar am Harz, Marketplatz Marktbrunnen

3. OPEN AIR Tango Café

When: Saturday, 06.11.2016, 15:30h
Where: in front of the city museum Goslar ()
Free admission – ( please bring blanket or mats with you.)

4. The courses with Juan and Anne:


Thank you for your applications.
The courses will take place in the hall of St. Stephani, (Obere Kirchstrasse 4).





Obere Kirch Str. 4


30,-€ p/P


Open Air Tango Café


Obere Kirch Str. 4



musical expression in Tango


Obere Kirch Str. 4


30,- € p/P

21 hr


Obere Kirch Str. 4


5. Tango-trial lesson
for all who still haven´t got tango virus in blood… And always wanted to learn to dance tango … we have a tango-trial lesson:
When: Saturday, 06.11.2016, 18:00 – 19:00
Where: at St. Stephani, (Obere Kirchstrasse 4)
– Free and without registration –

We are looking  forward to you, with lots of energy and music in heart!
Radha and the Tango Team / Media Luna.

… And…
Ongoing courses every Friday in Goslar:

19:00 to 20:30 hr (beginner)
from 20:30 hr (courses for intermediate and advanced)

Gemeindehaus St. Stephani, Obere Kirchstrasse 4

further information:

Radha Sarma Grundey, Tel: 0170 49 14 767, email:
Or the TANGO – VHS Goslar .

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on 29th of May 2016

MASALA the world market is very special every year. On stage you can hear bands from the UNESCO Cities of Music from Italy, Colombia, Jamaica and Hannover and the Naatyakendra will be on the openair dance stage this year.

at Andreas-Hermes-square behind the pavilion at 6:10 pm

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