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The beauty of the Gods creation is the human body. Every movment of the human body is the beginning of the dance. Concentrate on breathing, be natural, feel the melody, let yourself deep into the art.

When I was cherographing a contamprary dance drama in year 2000 I got to know about Tango Argentino which brought me to the new dance world. I start dancing Tango in year 2003.

Tango, the sophisticated and sensual dance from Argentina, is becoming increasingly more popular in Germany and Europe. Tango is the ultimate, improvised partner dance. It is non-verbal communication through music and dancing from the heart between two people.

To learn
Radha teaches tango step by step to develop the posture, the technic of the movment and feeling the energy which flows in between the dance partners. She offers workshops, regular classes and tango events featuring visiting Maestros from around the world. Dancers of all levels are welcome.

Tango Workshop and Event with Komala and Stefan – Nijmegen (Holland) on 31.January 2009
it’s not the (amount of) figures what makes the dance; it’s the connection and the moving in the music with your partner.
With their warm. enthusiastic, dynamic and playful approach they stimulate you to learn to feel the music and to translate and express this into smooth, relaxed but still powerful movements. Obviously they enjoy teaching and dancing but they never take themselves too seriously. Working with the students to learn the complicated looking movements, it’s simplicity what counts for them. The ultimate goal has to be that everyone feels the freedom to move with his partner in the music and express himself without the limitation of fixed patterns.

On 28. Juni 2008. The Tango Workshop with Ines Moussavi from Berlin in Braunschweig.

Tango is the most important thing in her life.
Some things that she likes to share with her students: relaxed upright posture, comfortable embrace, feeling for the music, solid balance and elegance in movements, connection in the couple and attention for the others dancers, taking care of the line of dance.


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Editorial Charity concert in Wijchen/Netherlands

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