Toronto Diary: 12th day – The day before…

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The Indian way of team work close to Mother Earth… (Rada S. with percussionist, vocalist and violnist)
8th August 2008: The day before the Arangetram…

The preparation is going well. To put together a dance performance such as this one, it requires team work. It is very important that the music team works together as it is of great support to the dancer. I’m so happy that the well known artists in Toronto are working with me in this project.
Dance and music are related through rhythm. Rhythm unites the drum and dance. There is a strong affinity between this drum and dance.
The Mrudangam (drum) is a main Instrument for Bharatha Natyam. It gives the perfect rhythmic support to the dancer. Sri Rathiruban, a well known artist in Canada/Toronto is giving this support to my dance student Abirami P.. He carries himself not only through the Nirtta-urupady (rhythmic or pure dance) but even for the Nirthya or Natya-uruppady (story telling).
As Abirami follows through with each movement and expression, it is as though Sri Rathiruban himself invokes such a behaviour within Abirami through his instrument. We truly appreciate Rathiruban’s work as he seems to be behind Abirami.
Nirtta means pure dance. It has been created for simple reason: because of the pure beauty. Nirtta is a bodily movement without evoking much facial expressions. It has been given less importance to the expressional aspect.
In Nirtya and Natya the facial movements and expressions take an important part in the dancer’s training. The dancer expresses her/his feelings and emotions of the characters through facial expressions.
I should appreciate the vocalist Srimathy Suhaliya Klaichelvan as well. Within one week there were many new items that she is singing in this Arangetram. Listening to her beautiful strong voice itself makes you to dance.

Sri Balamurali, the violinist is the most experienced artist in this music team. He brought his knowledge from his mother land to Toronto. With the simplest gesture, he catches on and performs very intricately. He is also one of the supporters to the music team and to my young dancer.
It is a great pleasure to work with this team of hard working individuals. I am looking forward to presenting the group on stage tomorrow, Saturday 9th August.

Yours, Radha S. from Toronto City.


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