The Arangetram in Oslo

September 28, 2008 at 8:02 am 3 comments

Dancing is considered the religious ceremony most pleasing to the Gods and dedication of all activity to the Divine is the highest form of worship.
For the last seventy years, Indian dancing has been seen on varios world stages, and it has gradually awakened the public to appreciate its great qualities of rhythm, form, grace, symbolism,colour, splenddour, and aestetic. Behind this colourful pagentry lies a whole philosophy, a great mysticiam, a veritable religion. This art ist based on a solid structure of ancient treatises and a scientific method founded once by the Rishis of ancient India of a great civilisation.

Today here in Oslo Mrs Kavitha Ravikumar is doing a great work with her students. Graceful and expressive movements to ewoke the stories of Hindu mythology with rhythmic footwork.

By now in western countries the Arangetram has become very famous. It is a chance to having/getting recognition. Once a is child born the appreciation it gets is being a good child, at school you like to approve the child as a good student. After that at work the target is to gain credit for excellent work, once married to obtain the acceptance as a good Wife/Husband. Like this a dancer faces the Arangetram to win recognition.

A very big auditorium, a great stage arrangement, five or six costumes, beautiful jewelleries… These are not important;
The quality of the dance is very important!
Today on this stage I saw how good the dancers are. The posture, the difficult foot work, the graceful movemets and the facial expressions. I should appreciate the parents of these girls Banusha and Mirusha Navaratnaraja for their support and encouragement to lead their girls up to this Arangetram. My next credit will go to their Guru/teacher Kavitha Ravikumar.
I´ve seen Kavitha a few years ago as a talented dancer and now she is a teacher, a wife, a mother and her husband Ravikumar is always behind her being a resason for her success.

Until yesterday I came to Norway not knowing who the Musicians of this Arangetram are.
To my surprise I see here these great Artist on this stage.

Sri Murugan on Mridangam: I already know him. He came to Germany accompanying Sri Ragunath Manet, a great Dancer, Choreographer and Guru. To be a Mridangist to Sri Ragunath is very difficult. Only a highly talented artist is able to take up that position therefore I don’t need to say any more about Sri Murugan or about his talent.

The Vocalist Sri Hariharan: a fantastic singer, a wonderful voice with great knowledge.

And as for the violinist the great Sri Chandru. I´ve seen him on uncountable stages in UK and mainland Europa. I´m proud to say I´m a fan of his music .

Sri Gnanavarathan the famous flute artist. When I was very young I knew his Father well and I met Sri Gnanavarathan so often in Europe through Indian Cultural programs. Not only did he perform himself but also introduced many youg flutists/ his students to the word of art.

It is my pleasure to talk about them, about this team, here, tonight.

Yesterday when I first met the young dancers Bhanusha and Mirusha Navaratnaraja they impressed me a lot

by their beauty and kind and humble and behaviour. I wish both of them a bright future… and my blessings are always with them.

Thank you
Radha Sarma
27th of Sep. 2008 in Norway.


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my 4th visit to Oslo After the Harz und Heide

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  • 1. Mirusha and Banusha  |  October 1, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Thank you so much for your blessings and wishes! It was a honor to see you and meet you. It makes us and our parent proud that you enjoyed the show. Personally we enyojed dancing infront of a great and shining dancer like you. Dance is our passion, its “poetry in motion”! Looking forward to meet you again!

    Your lovable
    Mirusha and Banusha

  • 2. Hariharan  |  October 30, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    nice &sensible review .Very happy that i am also in this review.

  • 3. Radha  |  October 30, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    It is my pleasure. See you soon in Germany…
    good luck


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