The joy and energy of the movement

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The Classical indian dance is a form of yoga – physical energy with spiritual power.

Yatho hasthas thatho thrishti – Where the hands goes, the eyes must follw
Yatho thrishti thatho manah – Where the eyes goes, there should go the mind,
Yatho manas thatho bhava – Where the mind goes, the bhava created
Yatho bahvas thatho rasaha – Where the bhava appears, rasa or sentiment will arise.

The links between Music, dance and drama were extremely close to each other. Dance itself be divided into tow parts.
1.The pure dance : this is a clear expression of movements.
2.The interpretative dance : through the use of gestures and mimetic expression the dancer communicate her/his feelings.

to be able to communicate emotion, – as Leela Samson in her book “Rhythm in Joy” says – a dancer has to be emotionally alive and sensitive, abundantly creative, capable of concentration, uninhibited, inspired and well-versed in the sahitya or verse she/he is enacting.

My next Performance will be in Germany – Winsen/Luhe.
On 22nd of November 2008.
In Stadthalle Winsen, at 7 pm. more about
Best regards
Radha Sarma


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