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Now it is time to write about my „INdRA“.
INdRA – project has been founded in November 2008…
Since 1994 I have been performing Classical Indian Dance with storytelling. Late Ms Zainu Arnold from Wolfsburg had started to work with me and it went further with Ms. Ruthild Tillmann, and Ms. Ursula Rumpf…my sincerely thanks gose to all of them to make such a good experiences and a lovely memories.

With this experiences I met Ingo Keil and INdRA came to live.
Ingo Keil is a professional sculptor, bi-lingual storyteller and a tango-dancer since 1999.
He lives and works mainly in Germany, for tango he is a world wide traveller. His preferred material for sculptures is bronze and one of the subjects in his artwork is tango, its embrace and its movements.As a storyteller he is a graduate of the School of Storytelling at Emerson College in the UK. He performs in homes for the elderly, schools and other venues with regional stories from the south of Germany, stories by Wilhelm Hauff and folk tales from all over the world. Together with me he is combining Indian tales and classical Indian dance.

Words create worlds
Dance tells stories
Our first Performance “Krishna Sharana” will tell about Lord Kirshna… his birth, his childhood, about “Kaliya Narthana”- his dance on a snakes head and his love with Radha.
And in the second half of the performance we will present two of the ten Incarnation (Dasavadar) – the Kurma and Narasimha… also stories of Mahabaharath >>more

“Krishna Sharana” will be on 25th of April 2009 in Music Accademy in Braunschweig at 5 pm.

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Tango workshop with Komala Vos & Stefan Wimmer Classical Indian dance in Hamburg

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