The 7th Arangetram of Radha School of Dance will be coming soon…

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RD with Nirosha 1Nirosha Kamalaraja is the 7th of mine. Each student of my different dance classes over the last 1 1/2 decades got the ability and the knowledge to delvin this Art.
Classical Indian Dance requires the synchronisation of the eyes and gestures to suit the music. It teaches concentration to every dance pupil by an intensive pedagogic work through a Guru.
Arangetram is becoming most populer and beloved in Europe. The Indian dance is divine. The dedication of all activity to the divine is the highest form of worship. The relationship of Guru and Shishya, teacher and pupil, is unique, the pupil serves his teacher with “ steady devotion” and the teacher leads the pupil from the darkness to the light.

The training for Bharatha Natyam will take a minimum seven years
RD 20under the direction of nattuwanar/guru (teacher), who with their assistance, criticism and appreciation, helped in the keeping up of the proper academic and artistic enviroment needed for the art.
For the proper and full exposition of Arangetram, it requires to be having an emotional and intimacy together with a hamonic effect. It is only revealed by the talent of the dancer, nattuvanar, mridangist as well as the singer.

Radha Sarma


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Classical Indian dance in Hamburg After the arangetram…

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