The highest form of worship

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Bharathanatyam is among the oldest and most popular of India´s classical dance styles. In style and substance, Bharathanatyam reigns supreme for the preciseness and perfection of movements it extracts from various parts of the dancer´s body. Shiva 5 Classical Indian dance like Yoga or like any other physical exercise provides necessary physical movements to each and every part of the body. The whole body is involved in dancing and the whole body system is put into action: The hands, eyes, face, neck, torso, leg and feet. Its chiseled awareness of the human form allows Bharathanatyam to fully explore the body´s immense power of expression. The dance enhances its emotive appeal by using the literary compositions of saints and sages. This is a powerful medium of worship.  Dancing is considered the religious ceremony most pleasing to the Gods and dedication of all activity to the Divine was the highest form of worship. This shows us the love of a dancer or human for Lord and his longing to be united with him.

It is a way of knowledge.

It is a way of work.

It is a way of worship.

Bharathanatyam is the physical, mental and spiritual practices, which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace of mind in order to experience one’s true self.

Radha Sarma


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