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An ongoing classical Indian dance lesson got a long way. Bharatanatyam is a product! This is a passion! And also is a preserve art. The Exam preparation needs a very strong and solid practice period.

This year I´ve got four senior students who are going to do their 8th grade – Diploma in Bharatanatyam at OFAAL. They have been learning this fine art for more than 10 years now. They don’t come to learn only “Nirtta” – the grammar of technique and the “Nirtya” – the expressional part.

Shiva 2

Shishya – the Student know how to achieved a solid foundation of being a dancer and how importance to have a relationship with Guru – the teacher. It teaches concentration to every dance pupil by an intensive pedagogic work through a Guru. The Indian dance is divine. The dedication of all activity to the divine is the highest form of worship. The relationship of Guru and Shishya, teacher and pupil, is unique, the pupil serves his teacher with “steady devotion” and the teacher leads the Pupil from the darkness to the light.

May my lord Nataraja bless them for their bright Future.


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