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It’s been 12 days since I/we came back to Germany. I heard from everyone that they are slowly getting back to their usual live and said that this trip for them was very special.  They also said : „We were fulfilled and the same time a part of us remained there in India“.  Love to hear this 🙂 and it´s motivated me to organize the next trip. 

From Sunday (03.04.2016) I am working again. It is so nice to be back. I was giving Tango lessons for beginners at  „Tres Tangueros” – part of BTSC– the Dance and the Sports-club of Braunschweig.

Argentine Tango is a social dance it developed in the late 19th century in working-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay as practiced by Uruguayan and Argentine dancers, musicians, and immigrant laborers.

We were practicing Molinete/Giros today. Giro is a turning step of the follower around the leader’s axis. Molinete is composed of several steps which complete a circle. It is alternating front and back steps connected by a side step.

I´ve got a nice group here, that held me every moment very affectionately .


On 06th of April I have been invited by the BBS 1 Goslar to present Tango. 

The vocational school “Berufsbildende Schulen 1 Goslar -Am Stadtgarten-“, was recently in Spain and wanted to celiberate an Opening a vernissage – pictures of Ms. Carmen Reinhold

Argentine tango does not have a basic step. You should completely improvised tango combining various elements in a spontaneous manner, as determined by the lead. To be able to improvise, the dancer needs to learn the lead and implementation of the different single elements of Tango.

Tango dance is essentially walking with a partner to the music. The speed of a tango and dancing appropriately to the emotion are extremely important to dance tango. A good dancer is one who transmits a feeling of the music to the partner, leading them effectively throughout the dance.

here I would like to quote own words of  the great dancer/teacher Susana Miller:

„After understanding the step, putting it to music and “leading it,” you have to know where to go. When people begin to study tango, they feel vulnerable; it takes time to become aware of space on the dance floor.”


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