International Tamil drama-festival

September 9, 2016 at 12:50 pm Leave a comment

Dance and Drama

My next performance  will be on 24th – 26th of September in Paris. 

For the first time in the history of Tamil drama, 11 Countries, 19 Plays, 150 artists and Popular drama and dance artist are participating in this festival

Among the indian fine arts the music, dance and drama are strongly and inseparably connected with each other. 

It is an expression of feeling and if the emotional condition exposed through physical action is dance or drama.

Both in dance or drama the feelings are expressed by the use of speech or singing, out of  proper costumes and dressing, by setting of stage.   The dancer or the actor will conveyed their existing condition through  gestures and facial expression and from different limbs of their Body will emanate soft and strong movements.

dance has a magical power to provide the source of happiness, entertainment and pleasure. it is a thing of beauty appreciated and loved by each and every one who sees it. The Bharahanatyasastra (the holy book of Indian dance) says „ there is no wisdom, no knowledge, no art, no craft, no device, no action, that is not to be found in Natya (the dance).

Bharatha Natyam has reached with its own individuality and dignity, the tradition and cultural heritage. Its greatest ability is to give spiritual revelation to each and every one and to lift one from the temporal to the eternal.




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Woman sports day in Helmstedt The International Tamil Drama Festival in Paris/France.(24.-25. September 2016)

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